2 comments on “Are Hydrodec’s plans of National Significance ?

  1. Are the plans nationally significant?

    Since you’ve put up a list of projects which by their inclusion must mean you agree, at least tacitly, that they are significant, with the purpose to lessen by comparison the planned Hydrodec’s project, I will add some facts.

    In the UK 800 million litres of new oil per year is consumed. Around 300 million is reused as waste in one form or other. Current legislation means a lot of waste oil, including quantities that are not monitored, falls through the gaps (maybe literally).

    Hydrodec plan to process at least 150+15 million litres per year, with ambitions to maximise further as the years progress.

    Every 1 million litres saves the equivalent Co2 as a 6MW wind farm.

    Each year almost 600,000 tons of Co2 would be saved.

    It is the world’s first recognised Carbon Neutral refiner of mineral oil.

    It will help secure the UK’s energy policy.

    etc etc

    Are you really saying a planned land fill extension that processes 100,00 tons of waste, is significant but Hydrodec is not? I also note the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, arguably an apt comparison to a fact I just listed above, with one distinct but unrelated advantage, Hydrodec operate without a subsidy.


    • Sounds fantastic I must say. But why does it have to be in a residential area? Oh and I too would like to know how many shares you have invested!
      Ps. I am not up for election as you have stated elsewhere.


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